Nike's Jordan Brand flew out a couple of lifestyle journalists and sneaker bloggers to Portland, Oregon, earlier this week to introduce the new Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade sneakers coming out this holiday season.

Hosted at the Nike Campus, the all-day event kicked off with a video of Michael Jordan doing the three signature moves -- the fly through, the fly over and the fly around -- that the new sneakers encompass. This was followed by a quick presentation by designers Mark Smith and Justin Taylor and Jordan Brand Creative Director Andre Doxey about the detailing and technology that went into each shoe, including Anthony's Melo M8, Big Ups and A Flight, Wade's Wade 2 and Fly 23 and Paul's CP3.V and CP 2'Quick.

Check out photos of each sneak below and read about what each has to offer.

The presentation wrapped up with a trip to the Employee Nike store (yes!) and then finally drills and a game of b-ball on the Nike in-house court to test out all sneakers and their potentials. The final consensus? Not too bad, MJ. Not too bad.