Jonwayne's sophomore album as an MC is coming. Yesterday (Dec. 7), the Stones Throw rapper/producer announced the forthcoming Rap Album Two with a powerful letter about his alcoholism.

The 26-year-old California artist took to Instagram and posted a photo of a letter written with a typewriter. In the letter, Jonwayne writes about a night in 2014 when he woke up with a burning throat in a bed surrounded by vomit. That night, he vowed to never drink again; however, the next day he drank on a flight back home.

"I had been using alcohol as a coping mechanism to keep at bay, among other things, my dramatic fear of flying," Jonwayne types. "As I landed in LA I knew some changes needed to be made. It's clear to me now that I would have left this planet at a brisk pace, had I not cancelled my remaining shows that summer. Dangerously overweight, drunk every night, anxiety ridden, I was a black plague of a vessel and my brain was a descending spiral staircase of morbid tendencies."

He continues, "I promptly removed myself from the community and went into exile. I became sober and began to make healthy choices with the help of family. I, for once, put myself before my ambition and it made for a bittersweet reality. In the process I alienated friends and allies. Opportunities and security slipped through my fingers. Bridges were burned. Momentum screeched to a halt. I was scared. All which I've spent my entire adult life building seemingly came crashing down on me."

In conclusion, Jonwayne writes, "And in the silence of settled dust, the irony of my situation emerged through the fog and tapped my shoulder. it almost seemed tragic, the one thing I could turn in the midst of all that: the music. Rap Album Two is coming. Thanks for your patience. Jonwayne."

You can view the entire letter above via Instagram. Rap Album Two will be the follow-up to Jonwayne's 2013 album Rap Album One, which marked his debut album as an MC. Previously, he had put out mixtapes and albums as a producer.

In case you missed it, Rap Album One was included on Dilated People's list of favorite albums of the past decade.

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