The follow-up to Jonwayne's critically acclaimed Rap Album One has finally arrived. The California MC has dropped Rap Album Two, a 12-track effort released four years after his debut LP.

The project is the culmination of a difficult journey, which Jonwayne recently detailed in a letter to his fans. The talented rapper/producer has been battling alcoholism in the years since Rap Album One's release.

"I promptly removed myself from the community and went into exile," Jonwayne wrote. "I became sober and began to make healthy choices with the help of family. I, for once, put myself before my ambition and it made for a bittersweet reality. In the process I alienated friends and allies. Opportunities and security slipped through my fingers. Bridges were burned. Momentum screeched to a halt. I was scared. All which I’ve spent my entire adult life building seemingly came crashing down on me.”

Fans can now experience the new and improved Jonwayne on Rap Album Two. The project can be purchased through multiple outlets or streamed for free via Bandcamp. Check out the tracklist and stream below as well as a music video for the closing track "These Words Are Everything."

Jonwayne's Rap Album Two Tracklist

1. "TED Talk"
2. "LIVE From The Fuck You"
3. "Human Condition"
4. "Out Of Sight"
5. "The Single"
6. "Paper" Feat. Shango
7. "City Lights"
8. "Rainbow" Feat. Danny Watts
9. "Afraid Of Us" Feat. Zeroh
10. "Blue Green" Feat. Low Leaf
11. "Hills" Feat. Zeroh
12. "These Words Are Everything"

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