The weeks since a Staten Island grand jury failed to indict and NYPD officer in the killing of Eric Garner have been filled with protests across the country. At the root of the unrest is a deep sense of displacement, the feeling that tens of millions of voices are going unheard. So when the white establishment brings in an ostensible outsider for their input, you might expect it to be celebrated.

Not if you watch Fox News. Last week, New York's governor, Anthony Cuomo—who expressed his displeasure with the grand jury's decision—met with Jay Z to discuss police brutality and how law enforcement officers relate to the communities in which they serve. Fox's Sean Hannity—along with the New York Post—was none too pleased. The pundit referred to Jay as "a guy who admits that he sold crack and was a drug dealer and actually shot somebody." Naturally, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took Hannity and Fox to task.

In the clip from last night's (Dec. 17) show, Stewart and correspondent Jessica Williams mock the racist attack, pointing out that Jay's hyper-capitalist rise to high society is exactly the kind of behavior Fox champions for minorities. Included is a montage of talking heads, mostly white, telling Black people to "clean up their lives" in various ways. As Williams quips, "He's not just pulling his pants up--the guy actually sells belts!"