Joey Bada$$ is one of the hottest independent rappers from Brooklyn, NY right now and his momentum only continues to grow stronger. Now embarking on a global tour dubbed The World Domination Tour, Joey's music has spread far beyond his hometown to the far reaches of the globe. However, the rapper doesn't seem to find much harmony amongst rappers within his hometown. In other words, the Pro Era captain feels that Brooklyn rappers are not unified.

Joey recently stopped by the XXL offices in preparation for his 30-plus date tour and when we sat down for a chat, the rapper had much to say. After diving into a brief update on his upcoming sophomore album, the Steez Day Festival coming this summer, working with Kirk Knight and the Pro Era album, Joey, when questioned on the current buzz with Brooklyn rappers, shared his view of the borough's status.

"Everything is great that's happening in Brooklyn, all I want to see is some more unification," said Bada$$. "It's like, yeah, we've got all of those people but none of them are associated with each other, but we're from the same place. That makes no sense."

Things recently got sticky between the borough's MCs when the Pro Era front man seemingly got into a subliminal Twitter war with Troy Ave. After Joey went online to boast about his B4.DA.$$ album sales and being the number one independent artist in hip-hop, Troy, after facing a considerable amount of scrutiny online for incorrectly-reported low sales of his Major Without A Deal LP, felt the need to respond creating a short-lived social media battle between the two Brooklyn MCs.

And things only get more interesting as Joey Bada$$ delves into the topic of Brooklyn hip-hop above, calling out for a "Big Homie" to bring the City together, similar to the role that Snoop Dogg plays for the West Coast. Press play.