Joe Budden hasn't been too happy with Drake lately. He made that much abundantly clear when he discussed his disappointment with the rapper on Twitter. And on his podcast. And on three diss songs. In a recent appearance on Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne's Brilliant Idiots podcast, Budden explained what, exactly, led him to diss the Toronto rapper.

"I'm hurt. I am hurt,” Budden says during the podcast. “I’m appalled that nigga who know my pen game ... he know I don't care about none of that fame, success, attention, none of that. He know what I do. And you want to use your celebrity to do that to me? We smoked hookah together. How could you do that?"

Budden was referring to an Instagram video in which Drake quoted lyrics from Budden's most famous song, "Pump it Up." Budden also pointed to Drakes "4 PM Calabasas," a song he thinks contained subliminal disses.

"He does that often to people," says Budden. "So, it's really just me knowing. It was my job to call it all out. I knew the media would say I'm crazy. Later on, you all will get it."

Budden said his piece, but the ever-argumentative Charlamagne wasn't about to let him slide without offering his take on the matter. The controversial Breakfast Club host was quick to remind listeners and Budden himself that the Jersey MC did critique Drake's newest album on his own podcast.

"Joe Budden is a bully acting like a victim,” Charlamagne says in the podcast, summing up his opinion on the matter in little more than a sentence. The two continued going back-and-forth, but not too much ground was gained on either side.

Drake recently fired back at Budden with a verse on French Montana's "No Shopping." You can check that out here.

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