Joe Budden refuses to let up on Drake dropping yet another diss aimed at the 6 God. This one is titled, "Just Because."

This is the Jersey rapper's fourth Drizzy diss following “Making A Murder Pt. 1,” “Wake” and “Afraid,” and the Slaughtehouse MC is still going at Aubrey's neck with vengeful bars. "Look, listen, fuck is up with us? How we ain't agreeing?/Sensitive thugs need hugs is the game we in/But if we ain't a team, I know it ain't the green/Angled in any language you want it, mons ain't a ting/Is this a cry for help, show us the pain you in/What's in your cranium, fuck it let's put the flame to aim/Then they'll ask why I made him his most famous meme/I just tell 'em love makes you do the strangest things," he spits.

Budden continues to try to tarnish the OVO rapper's legacy later adding, "Aiming dark in a while, pardon my style/I mean, I think I hear my part in your style/I can attach different acts to different parts of your style/Yeah we let you act as if you had parts in your style, nah," he raps.

Drake has yet to return with a full fledged response. He seemingly sent jabs on the French Montana collab "No Shopping," but the Coke Boy later claimed it wasn't a diss. During a Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Dallas on Thursday (July 21), Drake praised the crowd while in turn throwing shots Budden’s way. “We got the good energy going on. I should’ve brought Joe Budden up here to let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time. Pump, pump, pump it up. Fuck with me,” he said.

Budden recently admitted that he is going at Drake so hard because he's "hurt" because Drake had the audacity to get mad over his podcast review of Views.

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