Budden has posted an Instagram message to Drake letting the Toronto MC know that if he ever gets "arrogant" or feels like he's above being an MC, he will get checked. Read it below:

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Six days after kicking off his lyrical assault towards Drake something proper with “Making a Murderer Part 1,Joe Budden is back at it with "Wake," coming at Drizzy's head with a flurry of references and punchlines that prove what Budden has been saying all along, that he's a big fan, save for Views.

Budden released the track at exactly 2:31 A.M., the same exact time Drake was apparently born.

The number of Drake references in the diss track are so numbered that it's clear Budden has been watching the 6 God's career for some time. Even the artwork is a riff on Drake's "Back to Back" imagery, replacing a high-point in Toronto Blue Jays history, Joe Carter's 1993 World Series walk-off, with a low-point in Blue Jays history, the punch Jose Bautista received from Rougned Odor earlier this season. From there, Budden samples Eastbound & Down, just as Drake did on "We Made It," though with much darker implications, and goes on to make allusions to such Drake songs as "Brand New," "Started From the Bottom," "Summer Sixteen," "Charged Up," "Versace," "Tuesday," "My Way" and "From Time," though if there were more hidden in there it wouldn't be surprising.

He of course calls out Drake's suspect affiliations, rapping, "Ratchet kids at your crib that can’t even spell Calabasas, bitch," and then, "Say he Canadian, maybe Asian, Croatian / Be sounding like his Jamaican friends, depend on what state he in / I think you rap good, but you a movie star / So that owl’s appropriate, we don’t know who you are."

Liste to the track, which was produced by araabMUZIK, up above.

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