Two Texas women are suing Dipset rapper Jim Jones for allegedly filming them topless and then using the video without their legal consent. The women Sharie Johnson and Samantha Stotts claim that Jones' camera crew caught them in their bikinis while filming his video for "Summer Time" in Miami, Florida.

The attorney for the women Taso Pardalis told New York's Daily News that they knew they were on camera. "But they didn't know they were going to be used in a video without their permission," contends Pardalis.

The scene in contention appears in the clip for "Summer Time." Pardalis added that one of the girls can be seeing covering up as soon as she realized that her holy parts were on display.

The suit, which was filed at the Manhattan Supreme court, also named Jones’ old record label, Sony Entertainment. The court has ordered Jones and company to stop further distribution of the video pending the suit. The visuals have since been removed from

Jones lawyer did not return's request for comments at press time. —Henry Adaso