A recent club appearance by Jim Jones in Springfield, Mass. turned ugly after the rapper and his security team got into a brawl with some fans early Sunday morning (May 13).

According to a May 14 report from TMZ, the Wasted Talent rapper was taking a few photos with some female fans outside of Club Zone, when a group of men approached his security team and some words were exchanged. While it's uncertain what was said, footage from the incident appears to show a man yelling "wait" in Spanish.

A man in the group then throws a punch, and a giant crowd quickly begins to fight. According to the site, by the time police showed up to the scene, everyone had left. No one involved in the incident was arrested and Capo reportedly walked away untouched. A source close to the fight describes it as an "old-school brawl outside of a club."

In related Jim Jones news, the Harlem rapper is back on good terms with his fellow Dipset members, who recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. In an interview with XXL, Jones revealed the crew is planning to drop an album after they finish their forthcoming EP.

"We got about 20 songs recorded," Capo said about Dipset's upcoming EP. "We wanna put like seven songs on the project. Pick the best seven out of all the songs that we recorded." The rapper added, "It's not gonna be a full album. After that we're rolling into the full album... It will be Diplomatic Immunity 3... DI-3."

Check out footage of the fight below.

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