After social media erupted with complaints and accusations that Jeremih had sent someone else in his place to perform at a Houston concert earlier this week, the singer has responded to all the talk with a simple Instagram post.

Original Story:

Fans in Houston are not happy with Jeremih. The singer has been accused of sending an impostor to perform in his place at his Thursday (Dec. 1) show in the Space City. Video has emerged of the alleged impostor, who is wearing a hoodie that makes it impossible to see his face.

The backing track in the video is so loud that the singer's actual vocals cannot be heard. The performer is also in constant motion, making it difficult to get a good look at his face. This would seem to bolster the fans' claim that an imposter was there instead of the real Jeremih.

The allegation also has some credence due to Jeremih's recent actions on tour. At a show in Chicago, the singer had a meltdown that ended his performance for the night. During that show, Jeremih called out some unnamed haters before throwing his microphone and walking off stage.

Jeremih would try to clear up what happened in Chicago on Twitter. The singer blamed the sound engineers at his show for the outburst, claiming they did even want hiim to perform.

"Chicago u know I love y’all ‘, I didn’t say ‘fuck y’all’ I said ‘ah they some hatas! Fuck yalll!’ he wrote. “Truth is ‘they’ didnt want me 2 perform tonight…it sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs.”

Jeremih has not commented on the situation in Houston despite the complaints of his fans. XXL will keep you updated as we learn more.

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