Tequila Avión announced today that Jeezy will be the new multicultural adviser to company founder and chairman Ken Austin. Jeezy's primary role will be to advise Austin and Avión on how to understand and respect the environment of the multicultural consumer.

The fastest-growing, ultra-premium tequila has a wealth of celebrity fans. But none celebrate Avión quite like Jeezy, who's shown love for the brand on his social media sites and in his music, as he did when he shouted out Avión in the opening lines of "Damn Liar," a song from 2012's It's Tha World. Austin personally reached out to thank Jeezy for showing love and invited the rapper to stop by the Avión offices in New York City. There, a 30-minute meeting turned into a five-hour hangout between the two.

“After spending a great deal of time with Jeezy, I have been inspired by the level of business savvy he has, as well as his consumer insights and raw talent," Austin says.

The partnership benefits work both ways, as Austin will in turn advise Jeezy on his personal brand and business ventures. "He's helping me understand the market better, and I really want to help him with his brand," Austin says. "This guy grinds like I've never seen."

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