Congratulations are in order for J. Cole. A source close to Cole confirms with XXL that the 31-year-old rapper had a daughter without telling the public.

It had been rumored that Cole had a daughter, because his new album 4 Your Eyez Only contains lyrics about a possible child. Now, those rumors have been confirmed to be true.

On the track "She's Mine, Pt. 2," the Fayetteville, N.C. artist raps, "Reminisce when you came out the womb, tears of joy I think filled up the room/You are now the reason that I fight, I ain't never did nothing that's right in my whole life." He also spits, "Am I worthy of this gift/am I strong enough to lift, into a place that I can see, someone more important than me?"

Though some of the album is definitely about Cole's daughter, some fans are now theorizing that there is a broader concept to the 10-track body of work. Essentially, the theory’s premise is that the album’s storyline follows Cole’s friend, not Cole himself. Additionally, the hypothesis states that the real storyline is for his friend’s daughter’s eyes only, hence the album title 4 Your Eyez Only.

“That’s when I realized something,” the theory states about halfway through. “The album isn’t directly about J. Cole. It’s about his friend. J. Cole wasn’t in the streets dealing drugs. He got out. His friend is the one on the last song rapping to his own daughter. Then, on the last verse of the last song, j Cole himself appears and talks to his friends daughter himself. He tells her that his dad died from his life in the streets but he was still a good person.”

Cole isn't the only big-name rapper who had his first child in 2016. Chance The Rapper welcomed a baby daughter in early 2016, as did Wale a few months ago.

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