Jazz Cartier returns with a brand new project called Hotel Paranoia and it's available to stream in its entirety on Soundcloud. The Toronto rapper took to Instagram and wrote the following about his latest record.

"Nine months ago we dropped Marauding in Paradise, but to me it feels like forever ago," Jazz Carier wrote. "In between all the tours, and shooting videos I always found time to make music instead of photo shoots and waiting for things to happen. Everything about this was very well thought out. Now it's time to embark in another chapter with Hotel Paranoia. Thank you to @deaddilly for the vision. Thank you to my brother @rivertiber for being apart of this. And lastly, thank you to my brother @lantzmusic for everything I'm forever grateful. Most importantly, this is for Toronto because without you I'm nothing. Forever the Golden Child, now I'm the Prince."

Hotel Paranoia, the follow-up to Jazz's well received Marauding in Paradise, features 16 tracks with production contributions by Lantz and River Tiber. Jazz recently spoke to Billboard and explained how his creative process sets him apart in the crowded rap landscape.

"It’s like channeling the vulnerability that I think a lot of rappers are on the fence about exposing,” Jazz Cartier said. “You’re putting yourself on this platform for the Internet to say whatever they want about you but you have to just plain not think about that and that was my mindset. I just didn’t think about what anyone thought. I just made what I wanted to make.”

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