Is Jay Z working on a project behind the scenes that could include Zaytoven on the beats? That sure looks to be the case.

The Atlanta-based producer recently took to Instagram and revealed a picture of himself and Hov in the studio. Posting the picture to Twitter, the "So Icy" beat maker commented, "HOW BIG IS DAT!!! ZAYTOVEN VS JAY Z. 🔥🔥🔥🔥#UsedToThis #thekings #crazycombo."

Crazy combo indeed. We've seen Hov embrace the trap sound more recently, but a Jaytoven collab would be bonkers.

We've been hearing murmurs about a new Hov album since this summer. Jermaine Dupri announced the existence of the project during an interview on the Rap Radar podcast. “Me and Jay have conversations that I’m probably sure he doesn’t have with anybody,” he said. Adding, “I know the name of Hov’s new album. It might be done.”

As the time passed, more intel started to come in about the forthcoming project. According to Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa, “I’ve heard a little bit of some Hov shit and it’s fresh as fuck, but I can’t say anything about anything else.”

Since then, things have died down. But it looks like Jigga is still moving forward with his plans to put out a 13th solo LP.

Zay has stayed busy, with his most anticipated work probably coming on the new collab project 6'ers from Drake and Gucci Mane, which the two artists have been working on since the summer time.

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