Speculations about a new Jay-Z album have resurfaced among fans after a photo of a video shoot popped up on social media.

Jay-Z's New Album Rumors Resurface After Photo of Video Shoot Emerges

On Sunday (Jan. 28), director Hidji hopped on his Instagram Story and shared a photo of himself on a video set holding a clapperboard which reads, "JAY Z — 2024 Album." The image, which can be viewed below, has sparked new rumors that Hov will drop a new album this year.

So far, Roc Nation seems to be denying the rumors of a Jay-Z album is in the works. On X, formerly known as Twitter, the management firm reposted a blogger's article about the rumors. They added the comment, "That's news to us."

So, for now, a Jay-Z album this year remains uncertain.

Jay-Z Album Rumors Started Last Year During a Special Auction

The first batch of rumors circulating about a possible new Jay-Z album can be traced back to November of 2023. Renowned auction house Christie's featured a unique Jay-Z-autographed collection of 14 exclusive metallic library cards. Notably, 13 of these cards showcased the album covers of Jigga's classic albums.

But the 14th card had a slot that is blue featuring the words "The Book of Hov," which cause people to speculate that Jay's new album could be in the works. However, according to the item description, the 14th card commemorated Jay-Z's Book of Hov tribute exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library, which ended on Dec. 4, 2023.

Should Jay-Z decide to release a new album this year, it would mark his first full-length music project in over seven years. His last album was the widely-praised 4:44, which dropped in June of 2017.

Check out the photo that has fans thinking a new Jay-Z album is dropping soon below.

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