It's been almost three years since Jay Z dropped "Glory." Today (Apr. 16), he premieres the video to the song on Tidal, his newly acquired music streaming website.

The visual uses footage from Hov's Carnegie Hall live orchestral rehearsal sessions back in 2012. Jay played at Carnegie for two benefit shows for the Shawn Carter Foundation that year. "Glory" was his dedication to his daughter Blue Ivy, and in the video, he shows photos of her to some of his friends in the industry, including Alicia Keys, Nas and Bridget Kelly.

Since its relaunch last month, Tidal has premiered content for Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna, all of whom have partnered with the business magnate. According to a study and report by Billboard, these exclusive releases may have a negative effect on the artists' chart positions. This assumption was made based on estimations about how much a song would suffer if premiered on Tidal in comparison to other streaming services.

In addition to the premieres, the high fidelity site is also offering users a chance to attend a private J. Cole concert. You can head over to Tidal to check out the "Glory" video. Listen to the record below if you forgot how the song goes. it's beautiful. In other news, Beyoncé shared some pretty hot photos of herself on vacation celebrating the seven year anniversary of her marriage with Hovito. You can check them out here.