Jay Z has committed to another long-term deal with concert and booking giant Live Nation.

The full details of the agreement have not been divulged, but according to Billboard, Roc Nation and Live Nation will continue to handle the management and music side of the deal and the extension will cover Jay's touring endeavors.

"Live Nation has a new long term deal with Jay Z and we expect to continue being equity partners in Roc Nation for many years to come," a Live Nation spokesperson told Billboard in a statement.

Jay Z and Live Nation inked a $150 million, 10-year 360 deal in 2008.

In related news, Lil Wayne recently announced he's down with the Roc. “Is it cool if I just say it? It’s the Roc,” Wayne said during a show at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. “You know I’m a member of that team now.”

Tune further expounded on his statement in a later interview with Skip Bayless, with things sounding less official. “Jay is just a good guy man,” Weezy explained. “It was nothing but a simple thing, just friend-to-friend, ‘I just want to help you.’ That’s all it was. ‘I just want to help you man. In any way I can.’ And right now he’s just going to help me in any way he can, and that’s just what it is.”

As for whether Jigga could get him out of his deal with Cash Money and Birdman, Weezy noted, “No, we haven’t done that yet. We still working on that, that’s a situation. But like I said, Jay’s just a good guy, he just wants to help me. So he’s just going to be helping me."

We'll see if Hov can pull off that business deal.

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