Caught up in all the Jay Z-Solange hoopla was the extortion case Hov was pursuing against former Roc-A-Fella engineer, Chauncey Mahan. To give you a brief refresher, Mahan claimed that he had the master recordings of Jay Z records that were recorded between 1998-2002 and thought to be lost forever. Mahan recently emerged and said that he had the records in storage and if he wasn't paid $100K in "storage fees" from Roc Nation, he would begin to auction off the records. Mahan apparently agreed to $75K and would hand off the records to Hov's people at the storage unit. Instead, Mahan was met by the LAPD and the records were taken away and given to LAPD for a judge to decide who was the rightful owner.

According to TMZ, Jay Z's camp is no longer pursuing criminal extortion charges against Mahan and the LAPD has closed the investigation. The police will continue to hold on to the recordings until a civil judge decides what to do with the records.