Jay 305 has had a busy year, and he's dropping off another set of visuals that fans will really enjoy. The "Yuck It Up" rapper releases the music video for his "When You Say" record with Omarion, and while it features a tropical view and a beautiful female lead, there's a plot twist fans won't see coming.

While Jay takes the bombshell beauty to a beach house in paradise, she toys around with his cash as he counts his money. Switching over scenes, we see Omarion being taken to the same beach house with the same girl at a different time, meaning that both Jay and he are spending time with the same woman. Later on in the video, the girl steals the Los Angeles rapper's wallet, and teams up with another mystery woman to get the job done. Little does she know, the mystery woman actually works for Jay 305, resulting in the death of Jay and Omarion's mutual girlfriend.

The record has quickly become a fan favorite, as Maybach O's hook samples Blackstreet's famous "Don't Leave Me" track from 1996.

It's been a major year for Jay 305, as the entertainer dropped his anticipated Taking All Bets album and went viral after he brought a stripper to dance on a conference room table at the Interscope offices during a meeting to play his new music.

Watch the new music video for Jay 305's "When You Say" record with Omarion below to see the story play out.

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