From down South to the West Coast, Jay 305 has rest his head across various parts of the country, which in turn has helped him create a brand of rap all his own. The 34-year-old rapper out of South Central, Los Angeles spent part of his youth in Miami, growing up with his Jamaican father and Bajan mother. The bold music and flavor in his rhymes is evident of where he comes from.

Six years ago, Jay 2013 song, "Youzza Flip," got his momentum rolling; it was also the second song he'd ever made. As a member of OpM, alongside Dom Kennedy, Jay kept pushing, dropping tracks and projects, including his 2017 debut album. Taking All Bets. His 2018 banger "Sweat It Out," an upbeat party track, proves that gangstas can have fun too. Now in 2019, Jay isn't letting his foot off necks. The Left Coast rhymer came through to the XXL office and laid down a freestyle as part of our Flex Zone series.

Struggling changed Jay 305's perspective, while also motivating him to get to the bag. "I ain't never had nothin' in my whole life/It's why I hustle so hard, puttin' in long nights/Being broke got me questioning wrong or right," he raps, setting the tone of the freestyle early. "I seen dice games turn to gun fights/I seen dice games get a nigga life/Bro was on his last hunnid, tried to get him five/Got hit, drew down, took a nigga life."

As an artist who plans to keep his name buzzing this year, including going different places with his sound and continuing to take care of his health (he's a vegan) you never know what Jay 305 might do next. He even has a new term for the kind of music he wants to make. "I'm going gangsta pop," he reveals. Knowing how hard Jay works, his vision could pop off well.

Check out Jay 305's freestyle up top.

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