When Jason Kidd, the current Brooklyn Nets head coach, finally walks away from the game of basketball he will have many accomplishments to look on with pride. His NBA championship and Olympic gold medals will be prized memories to be sure. His extra brief career as an MC 20 years ago, not so much.

“That’s something on my bucket list that I can say I’ve done,” Kidd said recently, “because I’d never do it again.”

In 1994 Kidd along with Gary Payton, Cedric Ceballos, Brian Shaw and Shaquille O’Neal contributed to B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret, an album of NBA stars displaying their rhyme prowess. Kidd’s contribution “What the Kidd Didd” probably won’t make it into the Throwback Mix of your local radio station.

Even help ghostwritten bars from Digital Underground’s Money B couldn’t help. “I was nervous,” Kidd said. “That was something way out of my realm. That wasn’t my thing.”

Luckily after the album’s release Kidd and many other ballers never picked up the mic again. Hear the sure to be Hall Of Famer’s bars below.—G. Valentino Ball

[via NYT]

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