Kanye West's tweets have been getting everyone revved up with different opinions, but it looks like The Late Late Show crew is bringing some comic relief to them. The show's host, James Corden, stars in a new skit where he enters "Kanye Westworld," which is a reenactment of the hit HBO series, Westworld.

In the skit, Corden, who dresses as a cowboy, walks into an old western bar, where he is greeted by a bartender who only talks with quotes from Yeezy's recent controversial tweets. As he comes across some of the patrons in the venue, Corden notices that everyone is speaking in quotes from `Ye over the past couple of weeks. From tweets such as "Never a master, always a student" to "I'd like to meet Tim Cook. I got some ideas," the host is haunted by the words of West's Twitter account.

Showing visible confusion over everyone's phrases and mindset, he soon comes across actor Jimmi Simpson, who explains what's going on.

"I bet you're feeling pretty scared, huh James Corden," Simpson tells him. "Confused, disoriented, disturbed. Nothing's going right, everything's malfunctioning."

When Corden agrees, Simpson welcomes him to Kanye Westworld and sports a big smile on his face as the video cuts to black. Despite the backlash from his tweets, it looks like `Ye's social media usage is giving a laugh to some viewers at home regardless.

Watch James Corden and actor Jimmi Simpson go into Kanye Westworld in the hilarious video below.

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