a free man on July 28 after finishing up his tax evasion sentence. According to sources in the hip-hop community (Blogger Karen Civil and N.O.R.E.), the Queens native was released today.

Ja's official website, RuleYork.com, posted a public service announcement on his early release. "Let’s give him a warm welcome. Ja Rule’s Twitter handle is @ruleyork. Follow him and send him some welcoming tweets."

UPDATE: MTV News received an official statement from spokesperson Melanie A. Bonvicino.

"My client Jeffrey Atkins aka Ja Rule was released this morning from the Raybrook Correctional Facility in Upstate New York to serve out his federal time obligation due under the terms set forth in accordance with home confinement which were secured by his attorney Stacy Richman. At present, he looks forward to spending some time with his family while he completes his memoir."