Ja Rule has befriended two unlikely inmates behind bars—disgraced politician Alan Hevesi and former TYCO CEO Dennis Kozlowski.

Currently serving a two-year sentence for gun possession, Ja says he’s enjoying the company he calls, “Hevey D” and “Koz.” Kozlowski, who is serving eight to 25 years for using the funds and reserves for TYCO for personal use, recently received work release, while Hevesi, a former New York controller, is serving one to four years for devising a corruption scheme.

“Outside, you don’t meet guys like this every day,” Ja told the New York Daily News in an interview outside of the Mid-State Correctional Facility, located in upstate Oneida, New York about Hevesi and Kozlowski. “This place is amazing.”

According to Ja, born Jeffery Atkins, both corporate greed poster boy Dennis Kozlowski and shamed politician Alan Hevesi have provided him with guidance, companionship and advice during the first eight months of his 24-month tenure.

Kozlowkski has shared financial tips with the rapper, who was also found guilty of tax evasion, while Hevesi shared stories about the perennial impasse in Albany. The pair has convinced Ja to invest in various stocks and also influenced him towards pursuing higher education, taking up college courses to develop a further understanding of business. They’ve also offered to help the former high school dropout in the case he does take up an academic courseload.

“It’s funny,” Ja continued telling the Daily News. “We’re from totally different walks of life. But when you’re here, you’re here.”

Ja is scheduled for a February 2013 release from prison, but his Pain Is Love 2 album is slated to drop later this month. —Christian Bonoan

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