J. Stalin pulls up with a new visual for his track “Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2,” a cut from the West Oakland rapper’s latest project, and XXL’s got the exclusive premiere.

Directed by Tajinder Minhas, the music video shows J. Stalin wearing his own personalized take on Freddy Krueger’s iconic look—hat and all. The Tears of Joy rapper runs through his bars from a dimly lit porch while glitchy edits add to the eerie feel of the visual.

“Lost some of my niggas, it was tragic,” he spits. “Hustling, I’m still at it right back up in the kitchen/Had a few enemies but they came up missing.”

While speaking with XXL about the creative direction for the track and accompanying video, he explained how Freddy Krueger plays a larger role inspiring his new album, Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2, which is also available today (Nov. 16).

“I chose the Freddy Krueger part ’cause I'm from West Oakland and at times it can feel like you living in a real life nightmare,” he tells XXL. “The album is titled Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street because of [the movies] Miracle on 34th Street and Nightmare on Elm Street, it's about the ups and downs all in one.”

Later on in the visual for the DJ Fresh-produced track, J. Stalin can be seen putting a body in the trunk of his own 1979 88 Delta scraper, further adding to the intentionally haunting nature of it all.

As for his plans regarding what's up next? “After this album I'm buying a house,” Stalin reveals. “Then I'm dropping my R&B album Avatar 2.”

Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2 is the follow-up to the 2013 double-disc LP of the same name and doubles as Stalin and DJ Fresh’s 10th album together in 11 years. In addition to drawing inspiration from the 1947 Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street and Wes Craven’s 1984 slasher film, the 20-track offering also features a special guest appearance from Stalin’s 4-year-old son, whom he’s dubbed Lil Chief Baby Wipes.

Check out the visual for J. Stalin's "Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2" and see the tracklisting and album artwork for Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2 below.

J. Stalin and DJ Fresh's Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2 Album Tracklist

Disc One

1. "Nightmare On 10th Street Returns"
2. "Pussy Nigga"
3. "The Livewire Trap" Featuring Shady Nate & Joseph Kay
4. "Takin' No Shit"
5. "Facts" Featuring Mitchy Slick
6. "Bitches & Bands"
7. "Billion Dollar Boys Club"
8. "Do's & Don'ts"
9. "Trappin' Addict"
10. "I Don't Love These Hoes" Featuring P. Hustle, Big Homie Lil Tony & J-Stew

Disc Two
1. "Ain't It a Blessing" Featuring Big Homie Lil Tony
2. "Livewire Party" Featuring The Mekanix
3. "Childhood Dreams" Feauring Vellione & Lil Chief Baby Wipes
4. "Living Lavish"
5. "Bubble Gum Candy Fruit" Featuring June & Beeda Weeda
6. "Cash On Delivery" Featuring P. Hustle
7. "Unloyalty" Featuring Joseph Kay & Young Spudd
8. "Cops & Robbers"
9. "Hide and Go Get It" Featuring Joseph Kay
10. "What You Want From Me"

Fresh In The Flesh / Livewire
Fresh In The Flesh / Livewire

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