J.I.D is a problem on the microphone. Dreamville's newest signee got to show off his lyrical abilities during an appearance on DJ Kay Slay's Shade 45 radio show. Kay Slay selected Nas' "Oochie Wally" instrumental and J.I.D went in on the beat.

"Look, I'm ordered by the Lord's steps/My cologne's like the Lord's breath/The drum on that tommy gun like a constant qu-qu-quartet/Young niggas get mad and you can get your door wet/You can get the whole set/Think about Africa when I see them stores that be buying gold back/Think about slapping you, acting like you own capital/Put the whole world on my back, cracking my clavicles/But it don't really matter/I'm coming back from sabbaticals/Got my nine cocked, Simba standing on pride rock/Popping a couple shots at the eye of a cyclops/We don't fight box, put that boy in a pine box/Just call it a time stopper/Fox 5 choppers in the sky/With the chopper, so don't try to play the guy/If you tryna say goodbye/C'est la vie, au revoir/Hasta la vista and nice to meet ya/That P-90 turn a punk into a pasta pizza," J.I.D raps.

Fans will get to hear J.I.D on some original production tomorrow (March 10) when he releases his Dreamville debut The Never Story. Check out the LP's tracklist and J.I.D's freestyle below. Also, read XXL's interview with the Atlanta rapper for more information about J. Cole's new artist.

J.I.D’s The Never Story Tracklist

1. “Doo Wop” (prod. by Sean McVerry)
2. “General” (prod. by Latrell James and OZ the Additive)
3. “Never” (prod. by Christo and Childish Major)
4. “EdEddnEddy” (prod. by Hollywood JB)
5. “D/Vision” feat. EarthGang (prod. by J.Cole)
6. “Hereditary” (prod. by Tha Officialz)
7. “All Bad” feat. Mereba (prod. by Hollywood JB)
8. “Underwear” (prod. by Christo)
9. “8701” feat. 6LACK (prod. by Childish Major)
10. “Hoodbooger” (prod. by SMKA)
11. “Somebody” (prod. by The Imaginary Kids)
12. “Lauder” (prod. by J. Cole)

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