We haven't gotten much music from J. Cole over the past year and a half, but that's because the Roc Nation rapper has been touring his ass off. But the N.C. MC is about to go into chill mode.

Last night (Oct. 1), Cole performed at the 2016 The Meadows Music and Arts Festival in New York City and killed it. The rapper ran through a slew of hits hyping the thousands of fans into a frenzy. The show was a mix of turn up and good vibes. At one point in the show, Cole instructed the fans to lock arms in a show of solidarity.

But during one moment of down time before the finale, Cole revealed the news that his days on the road are coming to a cease, at least for a while. "Before I get out of here, listen. This is my last show for a very long time," he told the crowd who were clearly upset by the news.

"No!," one woman yelled out. A man in crowd screamed out "New album!"

Considering his last album 2014 Forest Hills Drive came out in 2014 it might be time for Cole to hunker down in the studio and put a much-anticipated new LP together.

It's not like he needs the bread. Cole was named the highest paid rapper of the calendar year of 2015 based on Billboard's top 40 Money Makers list. He was 27th overall earning an impressive $8.8 million in total revenue.

The “Wet Dreamz” rapper had an incredible year on the road as he made $5.5 million off touring alone. Cole racked up $1.5 million in album sales and $788,000 in revenue from streaming.

The Dreamville MC also earned $1.1 million in publishing. He was one of just eight artists on the list to gross more than $1 million in publishing.

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