With Miguel's forthcoming album on the way, the singer is reuniting with one of his favorite collaborators, J. Cole. The "Power Trip" duo unveil their new track "Come Through and Chill," which is slated to be on the singer's next album, War & Leisure.

The song kicks off with Miguel delivering his signature smooth sound, pleading to a woman to come over and relax with him while he's in town. With Salaam Remi on the production tip, the "Sky Walker" vocalist's melodic tune sounds off before Cole greets the end of the track with some innovative rhymes.

As Cole assures his lady that she's on his mind while he's been busy, the rapper goes on to name-drop Colin Kaepernick, as well as Donald Trump. He sends a message out about the treatment of the Black community under the President's leadership.

"In case my lack of reply had you catching them feelings/Know you been on my mind like Kaepernick kneeling, or police killings," Cole raps. "Or Trump saying slick shit, manipulating poor white folks because they ignant/Blind to the struggles of the ones who got the pigment/Lately I've been stressin' ’cause it seems so malignant."

Miguel's War & Leisure album is slated to drop this Friday (Dec. 1), which will be his fourth studio LP to date.

Take a listen to the full track from Miguel, J. Cole and Salaam Remi plus peep exclusive videos shot by Vevo below.

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