A recently-surfaced video of a Black Florida man having his baby ripped from his arms by police officers during a hostile interaction has made its way to the internet and become a hot topic on social media. Multiple rappers including J. Cole, Meek Mill and Killer Mike have voiced their opinions on the disturbing video.

The footage is from a July 2017 arrest at the Dania Beach Red Carpet Inn in Dania Beach, Fla. and surfaced recently due to a complaint filed on one of the officers by the Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein last month, reports the Miami Herald.

In the four-minute clip, the officer in question, Deputy James Cady, confronts Allen Floyd who is sitting on the curb with his baby in hand. Cady demands to see Floyd's identification, while using profanities and calling Floyd a "boy." Floyd does say his name, but does not offer ID. He is then appeared to be grabbed by throat by Cady while another officer snatches the baby from his clutches. At no point did Floyd appear to be a threat and he was not under investigation that night, according to the complaint.

The clip has enraged many. J. Cole went on Twitter to comment on the video, "Coward and a terrorist."

Meek Mill pointed out on Twitter, "Regular day for a black man in America! They ripped this man baby out his arms smfh!"

Run The Jewels' Killer Mike didn't hold anything back. "Fuck this racist Ass cracker & this dept that allows him to police there," he wrote on Twitter. "The Govt will eventually enslave is all becuz we allow this treatment to happen. Fuck this cop I hope he is fired BUT we know he won’t be."

The Broward County Sheriff's Office has responded to the complaint and are currently looking into the matter. Cady has a history of false arrests, according to the South Florida paper.

The BCSO released the following statement to investigators. “Thank you for bringing this matter that occurred in July 2017 to my attention. A cursory search of our system shows that no complaint was made prior to receiving your letter. Our Division of Internal Affairs will provide you with a response upon conducting a thorough examination.”

Check out J. Cole, Meek Mill and Killer Mike's reaction to the video below.

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