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The real is back.

As his peers tear up NBA All-Star Weekend with new projects and huge shows, J. Cole decided now is the time to announce his next move. Via his Twitter account, J. Cole let the news go that he and Dreamville are hitting the road for the first leg of the Forest Hills Drive Tour. The first 20 dates are all scheduled for smaller markets that don't always get the big shows in their town which ties in with Cole's album title and dedication to his home town. The first leg of the tour will make 20 stops and Cole is giving the tour a cinematic feel. Both flyers are designed like movie posters and the tour dates will be broken down into acts, the first called "Hometown." Joining Cole on tour will be Bas, Cozz and Omen. Check out the dates and flyers below.

an interview with XXL, Bas broke down the team's unity. "It’s a level of trust we all reached with each other. It probably came first from Cole getting to a point where he’s empowering our executives and everyone. I think that’s something we all do well. We empower each other. That builds a great amount of trust. Plus, it’s easy. The vibes, it’s so naturally inclined. Cole and I, we go out and party on the road all the time, so to do a song like “Lit” we can go to the studio and just have fun with it because it’s a vibe that comes natural. Plus, we all believe in each other and all we want to see everyone succeed. Even down to the production [being] in-house. Ced, who produced “Lit,” produced like four joints on
Last Winter, he’s Cole’s stage manager on the road. Ron Gilmore, whose pretty much produced on every song—he has an executive producer credit—he plays keys for Cole on the road. These are all people that come up together. It’s a natural thing."