TDE is back at it again, this time with a scorching track from Isaiah Rashad's upcoming album, The Sun's Tirade. You can check out Zay's new song featuring Kendrick Lamar and Zacari above.

"Wat's Wrong" sees Zay and K Dot battling their emotions over a smooth D. Sanders and Al B Smoov produced instrumental. The new song also features silky vocals from Zacari on the hook. Although the song is on Zay's new project, K. Dot definitely walks away with the best verse. The "Money Trees" rapper pulls no punches, bragging about his dominance in the rap game and taking a shot at Donald Trump.

"I made enough residuals to hide some/I gave enough, my niggas know I divide some/I told Zay, I'm the best rapper since twenty five/ Been like that for a while now, I'm twenty-nine/Any nigga that disagree is a fuckin' liar," K. Dot raps in a scathing few bars toward the end of his verse. If he keeps coming with bars like those, no one will be able to dispute his claim.

"Wat's Wrong" comes on the heel's of Zay's shocking revelation that he'd recently been struggling with a drug addiction. During a recent appearance on Juan Epstein's podcast, Peter Rosenberg asked if fellow TDE member ScHoolboy Q had noticed his drug problem.

“At that time, Q just met me, so we didn’t have that type of relationship where we’re checking on each other and shit. So he just made sure nobody was fucking with me, and he made sure I was smoked out.” He continues, “It got so bad that, last week, what was it, Monday? I was recording and drinking coffee, and niggas thought I was on molly, ‘cuz I was so hype.”

There's more than a decent chance that Zay will detail his experiences with drug addiction when The Sun's Tirade, which is set to be released on Friday (Sept. 2).

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