Here's a little proof that hard work and persistence pays off. Over the summer, Isa Muhammad, a former homeless starving rap artist, freestyled for Rick Ross on the street in Venice Beach, Calif. Isa soon became affiliated with MMG and inked a deal with the powerhouse label in July. Now it's time to show and prove as he drops his debut mixtape, Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius.

For his first showing, Isa offers up 25 new tracks, giving listeners a lot to take in and absorb on the first go round. Feature-wise, he employs the talents of boss Rick Ross, Scrilla, Curren$y and others.

Most of the production duties were handled by Fitz Vogue, with others including Fuse, Black Diamond, John G and Young Lan pitching in.

The project does not contian the track "Chemtrails and Muslim Wars," which he released a video for soon after he officially signed on the dotted line with Maybach Music Group.

Stream Isa Muhammad's Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius below.

Isa Muhammad's Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius Mixtape Tracklist

1. "BlackLivesMatter"
2. "The Code"
3. "Power Circle" Feat. Quise, Rick Ross and Scrilla
4. "Isa Mane"
5. "Isa ASAP Rocky"
6. "Lzaer Etched Lyrics"
7. "Mean Every Word"
8. "Reem Riches"
9. "Polo Draws"
10. "Soul Power" (Interlude)
11. "Elijah Muhammad'
12. "Lakers In The 80's" Feat. Curren$y and Rick Ross
13. "Goat"
14. "Knight Rider"
15. "Forewarned"
16. "Morning Side"
17. "Po Up"
18. "Cloth Talk"
19. "Movie" Feat. NonStopsHad
20. "IngleWood's Back"
21. "Gods Playground" Feat. Scrilla
22. "William Roberts" Feat. Rick Ross
23. "Turkey Bacon and Triggers"
24. "The Doors"
25. "22 Inches"

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