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When you appear on Sway in the Morning, you gotta be ready to kick a freestyle. There was no exception for iLoveMakonnen during his appearance as Sway challenged Makonnen to step into the gauntlet that is the "Five Fingers of Death."

Makonnen stepped up to plate, rhymed over 2Pac's classic "All Eyez on Me" and met the challenge with style as he delivered a quality freestyle off the dome. While plenty of rappers come prepared with some stock rhymes, you can tell that Makonnen was going off the top of his head and did a pretty good job in doing so. While a technically proficient verse that's been prepared can be impressive, it's always nice to see a rapper take it back and show that they can think on their feet while still being entertaining.

Makonnen is currently out promoting his new iLoveMakonnen 2 EP, which just dropped a few weeks ago. The EP is lead by the single "Trust Me Danny," which is quietly gaining some traction. The Atlanta rapper also released a collaboration mixtape with Rich The Kid last month called Whip It.

Outside of the music, many onlookers have wondered about Makonnen's dramatic weight loss. The OVO rapper touched on the subject during his interview with Sway, but recently spoke to The Fader in great detail about how was actually in good shape before "Tuesday" blew up .

"I was like this before I became famous,” Makonnen said. “I was all about health and wellness but you go through phases. I was going through some deep shit so I just let myself go and wanted to indulge and be a part of the community and America. So I started hanging out and doing what Americans do. I became a product of my environment. You guys wanna indulge? Let’s fucking indulge. What else were we gonna do?"

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