After numerous setbacks, Iggy Azalea's sophomore album, titled Digital Distortion, finally has a release date. Iggy revealed it during a recent appearance on the Zach Sang Show.

“I think it’s supposed to be June 30th or 31st,” Iggy tells show host Zach Sang in the interview. A bit later on she confirms the project will, indeed, be dropping on June 30. "And for what its worth, the 30th does fall on a Friday, album release day so it does align."

Elsewhere in the interview, Iggy discusses her new single "Switch," a track featuring Brazilian singing sensation by the name of Anitta. For Iggy, the decision to enlist the talented vocalist came from her desire to include female collaborators on Digital Distortion.

"'Switch' is a song that I recorded back in early August and I loved it," Iggy reveals to Sang. "I couldn't think of who can sing on this song with me because I just really wanted to bring another female energy. I didn't really have any female collaborations yet on my album. I think people really enjoyed me collaborating with other women and I wanted to make sure that I still did that. I was thinking, 'Who can go on there?' I couldn't really find anybody."

Luckily for Iggy, one of her friends had their eye on Anitta, who'd already established a huge following in Brazil. All Iggy needed to do was see her perform to know she was the one for "Switch."

"A friend of mine said, 'Hey, have you seen this girl Anitta? She's from Brazil, but she's huge over there. She's really cool. She has these awesome live shows where she dances like crazy.' I checked her out on YouTube and I was like, 'Wow. She's amazing.' So, I hit her up and asked if she would be interested in doing the song and it just kind of worked out perfectly," Iggy explains.

Unfortunately, the release of her video for "Switch" didn't work out nearly as well. Recently, the entire visual leaked onto the internet, and needless to say, Iggy wasn't too happy about it. She says the official vid might not even come out now.

“I just wanted to clarify for everyone saying I should put it on Vevo,” Iggy recently said on Snapchat, responding to the leak. “The video is not even finished being edited yet. We had media partners and other bigger plans for the video on the right day of release. And this leaking really just ruins things for Anitta and I. So I’m really disappointed that this has happened. I don’t know if the video will come out or be released at all now. And if it does, I hope that everyone will still support it.”

We hope to see an official version of the video pretty soon. For now, we'll settle for getting a new Iggy album in a little over a month.

Listen to Iggy talk more about "Switch" and her forthcoming album in the video below. The bit about "Switch" comes in right at the very beginning of the video. Below that, you can see how Iggy responded to the leak of her "Switch" video in recordings of her Snapchat posts.



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