While Iggy Azalea's 2014 album The New Classic gave the Australian rapper a serious introduction off the strength of her single "Fancy," it appears that she is struggling to find label support for her new music. Earlier this month, Iggy dropped the promotional track "Azillion," but based on tweets from the rapper early Thursday (Jan. 21) morning, Virgin/EMI is failing to get properly behind it by supplying the funds for a video.

"Bad news update: my record label Virgin/EMI seems to feel the response to my viral record 'zillon' wasnt good enough &  im not allowed a video," Iggy wrote. She then goes on to name drop Ted Cockle Island Records co-president and says that she's attempting to switch over to Def Jam. "If all else fails," she wrote, "ill just drive around LA and play my new album really loudly every monday from 4-6pm hahaha."

Azalea also interacted with fans briefly, defending her choice not to put the song on iTunes or make it an official single. She wrote: "its a viral song tho babe, its just something free for fans. selling it kinda makes it a single. that wasnt the intention." And later, when a fan asks why she doesn't self-fund a video, Iggy says that she has the funds, but that it's much more complicated than that. See the full stream of tweets below and check out "Azillion" to see if Iggy or her label is right about the tune.

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