Iggy Azalea released her new single "Team" with a dance video two weeks ago. Now, she has given the song an official music video with the help of director Fabien Montique.

The music video begins with Iggy Azalea getting away from a chasing mob of people in her car. She pulls off a few tricks along the way before arriving at an airport. There, she makes her way through security before linking up with her team. Iggy and her crew are seen in a hangar with a plane, which they began to spray paint with vigor. The end result is the title of Iggy's upcoming album Digital Distortion being plastered across the side of the plane. The "Fancy" rapper" and some backup dancers deliver a few moves before the party is crashed by the cops. The music video concludes with Iggy getting caught as the fun times come to a close.

Iggy Azalea is trying to recapture the success she found two years ago, but it appears that she cannot avoid controversy. This time around, the controversy is surrounding her relationship with Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young.

Nick Young got exposed for cheating on Iggy Azalea after a recorded conversation between him and fellow Laker D'Angelo Russell appeared online. In the clip, Nick Young admits to cheating on Iggy. It has since come out that Russell was the one who actually recorded and leaked the conversation, which has caused a lot of tension in the Lakers locker room, to say the least.

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