Despite the negative attention Iggy Azalea has received from other hip-hop artists and fans, the Australian bombshell has refused to let the comments or the naysayers deter her from her passion. Iggy remains confident in her rapping skills and her appreciation for the music genre. In a recent interview with Billboard, Iggy revealed when she started taking rap seriously and which artists she adopted her style from.

"I've always loved Fergie and Gwen Stefani," said Iggy Azalea when asked which women in music does she love the most. "I loved Eve and Lil' Kim and Missy Elliott. I loved Trina and Christina Aguilera as well. I wanted to be a mix of all of them, which I think I am — I hope!"

Iggy—who recently got her A$AP tattoo removed—says she began rapping at the young age of 13. She began playing an instrument, but has always had a distinct connection with rap music.

"I played the violin for a bit, but now I can't really play an instrument. I can rap. I first rapped probably when I was 13. People who say they rapped when they were 6 are just lying. To be good, you have to know words."