Iggy Azalea has adopted a curious brand of candor. The Australian rapper, known for her vitriolic spats with fans, detractors and other artists on Twitter--along with her massive hits, including the Grammy-nominated "Fancy"--has been alternately frank and guarded, seemingly with little rhyme or reason. In an interview with Vogue, the New Classic breakout star opens up about the second-most discussed part of her anatomy. "Four months ago, I got bigger boobs," Azalea told the magazine, adding that she had "thought about it [her] entire life." Azalea cited her newfound ability to fill out stage costuming, among other benefits, as reasons she's happy with the decision, and admitted that she had previously stayed mum on the subject so as not to confuse or impress upon her young, female fans. “But then,” she added, “I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Azalea opens up about her failed attempt at a modeling career, the rejection in that industry and the effect that said rejection had on her own body image, in particular her feelings about her weight and her nose. And when the publication took her on a shopping trip, she bemoaned the fact that many of the items she liked wouldn't suit her particular frame.

Azalea was scheduled to start her first headlining arena tour this spring, but it has been delayed until the fall. She has said she is hard at work writing and recording her second album.