Remember when Iggy Azalea unfortunately ripped her pants while performing at a bar mitzvah earlier this month? Apparently, there's more to the story. The Hollywood Reporter reported (ha) this weekend that reps for the Australian singer were less than enthused about the incident, and attempted to cover up the fact that it had happened.

Azalea was scheduled to perform at the event for Julian Kemper, the grandson of realtor Ross Hilton Kemper, alongside Nick Jonas, which reportedly cost $450,000 to put on. But during her rendition of her recent J. Lo-assisted hit "Booty," Azalea's pants ripped in a very specific place. But even though cell phones were reportedly banned from the event, there's no stopping teenagers from doing what teenagers do best, and several of the younger guests at the event recorded the incident on their cell phones, with the clip eventually making its way to YouTube.

That's where the story would have ended, usually. But THR followed up and uncovered that reps for Iggy "placed a round of calls to guests to get the clips deleted." Unfortunately, there's no stopping the power of the teens. The video, still on YouTube, is below.