The details surrounding Iggy Azalea split from Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young may not be clear — one report says he impregnated his ex while another says Iggy caught him bringing women back to their shared home — what is is the fact that Iggy has been deeply hurt by the ordeal. In the time since, she has tweeted, "This is just like a second shot to the chest" and "I feel like my body was just drop kicked out of a plane with no parachute."

Now, TMZ is reporting that Iggy's legal team is making sure that Nick Young's baby mama keeps the rapper's name out of any story she tells. Keonna Green shopped and sold her angle as the "other woman" in Nick and Iggy's relationship, preparing to tell her side of the story without reservation.

"Ms. Green has done enough to embarrass herself by her pathetic efforts to profit from Iggy's hard-won celebrity, all in exchange for whatever paltry sums she can garner in exchange for peddling tales of her tasteless exploits," Iggy's lawyer Howard King wrote in a letter to Green's representation. "Any mention of Iggy in your client's efforts to sell a story to whatever tabloid needs to fill its pages with the fetid story of your client's classless antics will be considered a violation of Iggy's rights of publicity ... subjecting Ms. Green and any publication that airs your client's soiled laundry to significant liability."

While Iggy and Nick were on track for wedding bells, their break-up is now turning ugly, with word of possible legal action. Check 10 other nasty hip-hop breakups below.

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