A number of celebrities have had to evacuate their homes due to California wildfires that are scorching the Los Angeles area. Add Iggy Azalea to that list. The Aussie MC recently had to vacate her Cali abode after flames reached her property line.

The Survive the Summer rapper revealed the news to an inquisitive fan who asked if her house burned down on Instagram on Saturday (Nov. 10).

"No my home is okay. Thanks for asking," she replied.

Iggy confirmed the efforts of fire fighters helped save her home from pending doom. "The fire came right up to my fence but didn't jump over," she added. "Luckily we had a plane fly over and drop stuff on the fire so everyone's homes were saved. Not allowed back yet though."

It's getting real out in Cali due to these spreading wildfires. Kanye West was reportedly forced to evacuate his home in the Hidden Hills neighborhood. Lil Pump chronicled the wildfire edging closer to his home in Calabasas, Calif. on Instagram. The Miami rapper was all jokes at first. "Yeah bitch, that's how you know you rich," he said. "Ain't no broke nigga houses burning down. It's only that rich nigga shit. My house bout to burn down, bitch."

His attitude changed when he saw flames roaring in his backyard and he hightailed it out of there.

Check out Iggy giving fans an update on her home below.

TheNewClassic via Instagram
TheNewClassic via Instagram

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