Many view the new year as a renewal of life and opportunities, but as more fuel continues to be added to the flame, this is one beef that is bound to creep its way into 2015. Yesterday (Dec. 18), Azealia Banks stopped by Hot 97 to discuss the independent release of her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, Macklemore winning a Grammy over Drake and Kendrick Lamar her disgust with T.I. for supporting and associating with her known enemy Iggy Azalea. After the Australian rapper caught wind of the Harlem femcee calling T.I. a "shoe-shining coon," Iggy decided to take to her Twitter account to publicly respond to the harsh comments.

Everyone has their breaking point and it looks like Iggy reached hers. There's a difference between bad blood and pure hate, which is why the repetitive spitfire of insults are becoming more aggressive and insensitive. In Iggy's latest response to Azealia Banks, the "Beg For It" rapper uses words like "bigot," "poisonous" and "miserable" to describe her.

Check out the rant below: