Icy Narco was arrested last week and his team believes he was done so unfairly.

On Saturday (Oct. 20), an Instagram post went up on the South Florida rapper's timeline, published by his management team. The photo is Narco's mugshot from the recent arrest, while the caption proclaims his innocence.

"Icy is innocent," reads the caption. "He did nothing wrong to warrant the Miami Dade Police Department to profile him. He is innocent and they are not allowing for a bond to be posted. They won’t give us details, but we have heard from Icy that he has been in fights inside & is being confused for other people. Pray for Icy #FreeIcyNarco #FrozenFamily 💙 (Mgmt)."

As previously reported, the "OtherSide" rapper was arrested in Miami last week on an bench warrant. The warrant stems from a traffic-related incident (Failure to Appear; No Motor Vehicle Registration) from March of this year. According to Miami-Dade Corrections, Icy Narco was released from jail on Wednesday (Oct. 17).

XXL profiled the buzzing rapper last month for The Break. He talked about the high hopes he had for his future. “I’m going to be the next legend," he said. "I feel like the music industry’s such a dark world, so in five years [I’ll probably be] living really good, hidden away from society with all the money and investments I’m making."

Icy is prepping his debut album Frozen Fable.

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