A few years ago, Soulja Boy's chart topping smash, "" target="_blank">Crank That," was a game changer. The record introduced the dance phase of hip-hop and made a lot of pioneers cringe, mainly Ice-T. The two traded barbs over the years which stemmed from Ice-t telling the youngster to "eat a dick." After repeatedly throwing a barrage of shots towards Soulja's direction, Ice-T told VladTV that he now regrets dissing the Atlanta rapper.

“At the same time I spoke on that, you got people like Lupe Fiasco spiting his ass off, you know? That was my comment,” he said. “It wasn’t a direct thing on this kid. Cause I only heard probably one record. I don’t even know…I kinda regret it. I said it because it turned me into a person that seemed like I wanted beef. That’s really not my style, you know? People feel like I got up out of the bed and went in on him. What really happened—The back of that story was we was making a record and somebody was really trying to get me to spit. And so they was like ‘Oh, yo. Such and such said you a sucka. You can’t get this kid.’ You know, they was just like verbally coaching, pushing me. And I just went off. And they taped that. And they used it to try to sell they mixtape…My little rant was never meant to be heard. It wasn’t as personal as it seemed.”

Asides from telling Soulja to "eat a dick" back in 2008, Ice-T expressed his shock and disgust towards the "Crank That" star after he found out that he planned on remaking Tupac's movie Juice.