As an OG in the game, Ice-T has been around for just about every major hip-hop battle. Earlier this week, Ice and Coco went up to SiriusXM's studios and appeared on Sway In The Morning. When asked about the current Drake and Meek Mill beef by a caller, the West Coast legend first admitted to not knowing much about the beef. After being brought up to speed, Sway played Ice "Back to Back" to which Ice said, "That's not a battle rap. A battle rap is like when Nas Ether'd Jay, you go in right at the first word you start dissing a nigga, you let a nigga know right out the gate. It's not out the side of your mouth, it's not subliminal...Did he say Meek Mill's name? Get the fuck out of here, that's not a battle rap, he dissed a nigga. That's how women do it."

Ice also gave a prediction on Meek's response saying, "I think Meek Mill's style is much more aggressive, he's always amped on his records. This might have been what Meek wanted. Give him a little bit, have him come at me and come back at him. I bet if Meek Mill disses him, his first word will be Drake."

The rest of the interview was spent previewing the couple's upcoming mid-day talk show, the rapper's battle with LL Cool J and comments on how rappers have gone soft. Check it above.