It looks like Ice-T has a valid reason for being late to work. This morning (Oct. 24), the veteran rapper was arrested for driving through a bridge toll in New York City without paying while on his way to film Law & Order: SVU.

According to TMZ, Ice-T, who was driving his brand new $250,000 McLaren sports car, was on the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side. He was attempting to go through the E-Z pass lane, which is designated for drivers who prepay tolls. The "I'm Your Pusher" rapper didn't realize his pass was not working correctly and drove through the toll.

Cops arrested Ice-T for driving past the toll and gave him a ticket for his unregistered sports car. He explained to the cops that he simply forgot to bring his E-Z pass with him. The cops then decided to release Ice-T and he continued on his way to the Law & Order: SVU set.

Ice-T took to Twitter to comment on the arrest later on in the day, saying that the cops were "a little extra" and they just gave him a ticket. He also posted coverage of his arrest on a local news channel, writing, "Awww Man! This is serious big time CRIME! Chanel 7 News type shit! A traffic ticket. Lol Fem."

In other Ice-T related news, earlier this month, the rapper expressed why he would never meet with President Trump the way that Kanye West did recently.

"I'ma say it like this, there's no way on God's earth I would go meet Donald Trump," he said. "I don't see the sense in talking to someone who you obviously can't change their mind."

Ice-T has been part of the Law & Order: SVU cast for 18 years, so hopefully this lateness will not count against him.

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