Atlanta's Hoodrich Pablo Juan has teamed up with Drugrixh Peso for a new mixtape titled MONYPOWRSPT World Rules. The project features 12 tracks with production by Metro Boomin, Brodinski and Spliffy Global. Jose Guapo and A$AP Ant make guest appearances on the tape.

Juan hopes this new release will help him achieve his goals in hip-hop. The "Look at Me Now" rapper simply wants to be a success so he can take care of his family.

“I want to just make enough money to provide for everybody around me who’s hard-working,” he told XXL. “I want to be able to provide jobs, and it’s not about buying everything you want, but it’s about living secure where you know you don’t have to worry about things as much. When I rap, it’s my job, so it’s like putting overtime at a job. Main goal is to just feed my family. I want us to go to Dubai.”

Check out the tracklist and stream for MONYPOWRSPT World Rules below. You can download Juan and Peso’s new tape for free via LiveMixtapes or purchase it on iTunes.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Drugrixh Peso’s MONYPOWRSPT World Rules Tracklist

2. “I Need 2”
3. “Buss Down”
4. “Money World Feat. Jose Guapo and Drugrixh Hect
5. “Better Not Tell”
6. “Shut Dat Bitch Down” Feat. A$AP Ant and Lil Dude
7. “Get Da Money Up” Feat. Drugrixh Hect
8. “Hoodrich DC Freestyle” Feat. Lil Dude
9. “Wit Da Stick” Feat. Drugrixh Hect
10. “Ignorant”
11. “Bullitical” Feat. Drugrixh Hect
12. “I Used To”

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