Homeboy Sandman always feels like somebody's watching him. And based off his new music video for the single "Eyes," he might be right.

The Queens rapper and Stones Throw Records signee drops the visual for the single and he finds himself creepily being watched by everyone in his vicinity. Although he doesn't mind the gaze of his lovely green-eyed lady, Homeboy definitely isn't cool with people following him after dark, peaking at him over fences or staring at him through newspaper cutouts in a coffee shop. These strange encounters are especially rattling considering all the Sandman is trying to do is live a quiet life.

"I don't swim with sharks/I float and they're just smart enough to leave me alone/I used to be the one that wanted people's hands to clap/People all up on me like I sat in front the transit map/Now I keep it low key like a baritone/Remind me of the time I got some pussy while my parents home/Just trying to get a nut and go unnoticed/Anything beyond that is a bonus," he raps.

The new visual further promotes Homeboy's May release Kindness for Weakness. The 14-track LP, Sandman's third under Stones Throw, boasts features from Aesop Rock, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, Shad and British band Until the Ribbon Breaks. Aesop and Sandman also teamed up at the end of last year on the joint EP, Lice.

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