Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don will battle it out tomorrow when they take each other on at Total Slaughter. The two stopped by The Breakfast Club before hitting the ring to share how they have prepared for most talked about rap battle showdown.

“I be in the gym. I stopped sipping codeine; you know I fall back on all my habits, said Hollow Da Don. “It’s a physical regimen because it’s a lot breathing technic. Like you not just up there rapping, you rapping for five minutes straight with no breath. You gotta have the breathe control and everything right.”

Hollow said he plans to "gain all the females who like Joe Budden" if he wins. When it comes to Joe it will just be a matter of gaining acclaim for winning. He also hopes that by being a part of the event he will shine light on battle rapping and give it the notoriety it deserves.

While the two seem to be fans of each other’s work, the interview didn’t go without them each exchanging a few verbal blows. Expect tomorrow’s main event to be a definite fight.

Check out Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don’s full interview with The Breakfast Club above and ‘Total Slaughter: Bright Lights’ Documentary below.